Thursday, May 24, 2012

Doing What Abba Says

Morning Glory!!!

Yes, it is God's day, and those who love Him will obey His command to "rejoice and be glad".
He didn't say..."if you feel like it" or "if everything is rosey"...No!!  He said REJOICE!  Is He unfair asking us to do this.  My goodness, no! 

God has a purpose and a plan that is infallible.
His reasonings behind the command to rejoice is that He knows what rejoicing will bring into your day...GOD'S HELP!!!
Learning to do what our Father God...Abba....Daddy...says brings blessings.
If He says to seek first His kingdom and righteousness, and that He will ADD all things to us...then He will do it.  But...we seek!!  He isn't going to walk around with a cartwheel full of blessings and just roll it up to our doors, and dump it on us, while we are watching TV.  No..No...No!!

When we 'seek" Him, it is through the avenue of the Word, worship and prayer. We come to the Throne Room and position ourselves before Him in yieldedness.  We "wait" in humbleness and expectation because God's Word is His covenant agreement that He will and HAS met every need according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus.

He is training us to depend on Him.  He is training us to do it His Way.  He is expecting us to accept His steps to the blessing, and will approve of us trying to side step Him.  He is God!  He is OUR God.

Jesus obeyed all the way to the cross.  He humbled Himself even unto death.  Do we truly think that we are not to follow our Master?  Do we think we can throw little bread crumbs of a "daily verse" at God, as though He is at OUR beck and call??  Hmmm, me thinks we need to get turned around!!

Well, who are you to talk to me that way???  Oh,  just one that needs to get turned around myself!!

Oh, so, let's form a church called..."We Will Obey When We Have Time Christian Fellowship"!!
I bet it will be packed!!!  Come on, now!!

God is at the Throne Room today!  He is always there.  So is Jesus, YOUR Master, YOUR Shepherd, the Lover of your soul, The Lamb of God, the Mighty Warrior, the Prince of Peace. 

Go!!  Do What Abba says!!