Monday, May 21, 2012


Morning Glory!!!

Not very inspiring...huh?

You know what??  This is the way it really is.
I chose to write about the four principles of success.

Seems simple!  It isn't.  Is it doable?  Yes!
Whatever we want to obtain, or whatever we want to do, or whatever we want to become must involve choosing, believing, doing and sticking.

We must make choices.  Those initial choices that are made by using our intelligence and reasoning is vital.  The choice needs to be based on reliable facts.

We must believe.  After we make the right choice based on reliable facts, we then must exercise faith.
I can believe because I have confidence in the reliable facts that my mind used to make the choice.

We must do.  After choosing, releasing our faith, then we must put that all into action by doing.

Jesus said..."be not just listeners of the Word. Do the Word.  Put into action what you have chosen to do by a direct intelligent reasoning process.

Then I add the fourth.  Stick to it.  Stick to the choice you have made based on the reliable facts that your reasoning mind used to propel you forward into believing and doing.

I chose to accept Jesus as my Savior based on the Truth found in God's Word.  It is reliable.  I believe the Word of God because I have searched it for myself and it has been proven to be found trustworthy.  I do the Word of God as it is revealed to me by the Holy Spirit.  I "stick" to this every day of my life so that I will not fall into the pit of a "heedless listener".

The exercise of the will, the mind, and the emotions towards the Word of God will strengthen, establish, and settle the soul.

Life will twist, turn, revolve, go up, go down, go sideways, go haywire.

But...the man or woman who has established themselves in the Word of God will know the straight path that God provideds.  They will not move to the right hand or to the left, but will remain fixed and grounded upon the Solid Rock...Christ Jesus.