Friday, April 20, 2012

So...I'll Cherish the Old Rugged Cross - Not Man's Doctrines

The cross means many things.
To those who know its true meaning it is a sign of victory.
The Son of God Who sacrificed Himself for the world willingly died so that all humanity could be redeemed.

I'm one of those He died for.
I'm one of those who truly did not appreciate His sufferings until later in life.
I think most of us have a tendency to be occupied with the things of this world until one day we are touched by His Grace.

Tonight at our church we are hosting Andy Poland, a former member of the Mormon religion. No...I'm not going to bash the Mormons.  They are people that Christ died for.  They are hungry for God, and try so hard to earn His Grace through the many good works they do.

Oh, there are many of us Christians who should set a better example of hard-working diligence like this group does.  But, we should work because we love our Master, and realize the grace (undeserved favor of God), that flowed out to us from that cruel cross.

The doctrines of the Mormon religion are harsh.  They produce bondage and guilt.  They substitutes "works" for salvation by the blood of Jesus.  The Bible warns against this.  If Jesus gave Himself for me, and yet I still bring my works to God as a substitution for His life-giving blood, then I am saying that God failed somewhere to provide the total sacrifice for my sin. 

I pray today that you know Grace....God's Grace...Grace that is greater than all our sin.  Grace that looks to Jesus and exalts Him.  Oh, yes Mormons "call" Him their Savior, and I've seen many Mormons weep in bold declaration of their love for Jesus.  But...if their tears and works are what they use to justify their denial of the saving blood of Jesus....then....they are truly deceived. 

Pray for Andy Poland and Concerned Christians of Mesa, AZ.  Pray for eyes to be opened tonight, Christians to be truly taught so that they can know how to minister grace, and for our church that God will use us for His glory.