Friday, March 2, 2012

You're Not the Boss of Me!!!

Who is the boss of you?
In other words...who do you lean on, trust, seek counsel from, have confidence in?  Who do you run to when you are in trouble or when fearsome circumstances come against your life?

Like most people who are "self-sufficient", "self-dependent" or "self-assured"; we all tend to control our own lives.   We honestly think we can do it on our own until that out of the universe situation happens where we know without a doubt, we NEED Someone to help us.  Then we start reaching out from that well of fear that is bubbling up on the inside of us.  We now want security, we now want words of advice, we now want to "lean" on someone expecting them to help shoulder the burden.

Then, we get through it, the sun comes out, the clouds go away, and so does the memory of those who stood with us time and again through thick and thin.  We can handle life NOW.  We can make it on OUR OWN again, now.  We have to get on with life, thank you very much!!

Wait!!!  What will you do in the future then?  When you have exhausted the "shoulders" you have cried on, when you have manipulated enough emotions to wrangle some help, when you have sapped the purses of your friend, their time, their love for you...then what? 

Hey...we've all done this!  Then, that fateful day comes when we look ourselves in the mirror and really see that we can't live this life alone.  We are NOT the Rock of Gibraltar that we try to portray to others.  We can't take enough pills to sleep it away, nor can we drink enough to dull the pain, nor can we go from relationship to relationship because we have worn out the hearts of those who love us.

It is then that we need to know that there is One Who has loved you all this time.  He has waited patiently for you to turn to Him.  He has called and called and called...hoping you would just answer Him just one time. 

He does not gloat over your despair.  He does not rejoice over your weakness.  He does not want you to come to the end of your rope before really knowing the love He has for you.  He, Jesus, HAS been there all the time.  He is in that Bible your family gave you that you never read.  He is in Christian people who fail, make mistakes, but get up and keep following their Master.

He is in those loving arms and voices of those you run to when in trouble but run from when they want more than what you want to give.  He is in that deep sigh of that mother or father who prays for you, and has to sit back silent while they watch you run into walls and crash and burn.

He is in that Christian television program that you laugh at.  He is in that pastor whom you bash to your friends and blame for your problems.  Yes, Jesus is always there.

He doesn't want to "boss".  He wants to have an intimate, open, loving, helpful, healing, encouraging, strengthening relationship with you.  He knows what you do.  He sees what you think.  He hears the anger, sorrow, and frustration of your soul, and wants to come in and be a Helper that never leaves.

"Lord Jesus, forgive me for refusing Your Love.  Although, I think it will be hard to give up the control of my life, show me how.  Friends and family cannot be to me what You came to be to me and for me.  Help me see You in the Bible, the Word, that is eternal and will never leave me confused or empty.  I have rejected you so many times, but, I just read the words of someone who knows you and she promised that You would be with me.  I want to believe that, and I know I need to change some things in my head and heart.  Help me.  I am going to believe these words today.  I am going to quit trying to "fix" my life, and let You come into my heart, and be the Real Boss over my life."

Did you pray that?  Then, call someone today...another Christian who has learned this truth.  Talk to them, get a Bible you can understand. Read and seek to know Jesus.  You will be amazed at how He will show you what He can do!!