Monday, February 27, 2012

He Waits for You!

I love teachings on the blood of Jesus.
I love to read and re-read what glories came from the suffering and sacrifice of the Son of God.

Because, it makes me realize that everything I have, cost me nothing, but cost God everything.
And...He did it to SHOW me how much He loved me even when I did not deserve it.
Blood is LIFE!  Ask anyone who has ever needed a blood transfusion or has suffered with a disease or sickness pertaining to blood.

People will spend hours and money going to horror shows, and will even take their children to see these demonically inspired images.  They will allow them to watch countless hours of fantasy games, and TV and say..." doesn't hurt anything!"  And yet, mention the blood of Jesus or try to, and watch their reaction.  "Oh, God...there she goes again...shoving religion down my throat!!"

Can't you SEE the deception?  Can't you see that what the Bible says is true?  Ephesians says we ALL at one time were at enmity (strife) with God because our minds were darkened, or filled with the darkness of this world.  But, when we were DEAD in our sins, Jesus came and gave His Life, shed His Blood, bore our sicknesses, our diseases, carried our sorrows and shame, and when the brutal beatings and the crucifixion was complete...He FORGAVE and opened heaven to ALL humanity, whether they chose to accept it or not....the Gift was Given!!

And, then, wonder of wonders...we became brand new creatures IN Christ.  The old, dead, lifeless, hopeless, meaningless, existence passed away, and we WERE MADE the Righteousness of God IN Christ Jesus.

As one who has stepped out of death into LIfe Eternal, I now have the privilege of calling God....MY Father.  I can call Jesus....MY Savior.  I can identify with my NEW relationship that was freely given to me by no works of mine, but by the abundant, life changing, sin defeating, devil commanding, blood and Name of Jesus.  Oh...I have to "learn" how to bring this truth to the forefront of my understanding, but praise God I CAN!!!  He HAS GIVEN me His mind, and His Spirit to not only lead me, but TEACH ME everything I need to know, and show me how to walk this Life OUT into the present world I live in.

Christians have a covenant with God.  Its an agreement.  Its filled with promises.  Its sealed by Precious Blood.  Its eternal.  Its ALIVE.  Its His Word forever settled in Heaven.  He won't go back on it.  He won't fail to perform it.  He WON'T ever lie!  His Name is on the line.  He will forever remember what He has promised and He will see to it that it is performed in those that BELIEVE!!!

E.W. Kenyon once wrote that the mind of any human must be employed in order for it to perform.  In other words, we have to make our minds work.  We will let our minds lead us into searching all manner of worldly information and curiosities, and yet when it comes to seeking the Eternal Truth of God's Word...we don't have time, its boring, we don't understand therefore we want try to, and the list goes on.

And yet, this Timeless Truth, stands, waits, beckons, calls, implores, reaches out to bring us in so that we may know the One True God.  We need to answer Him.  We need to hear Him.  We need to seek the Living Word so that we can live.  We need to know His Love so that we know HOW to love Him.  We need to read this eternal covenant again and again because it is so rich; one cannot possibly plumb the depths of it on a once a day scripture.

It's like standing at the edge of the ocean, feeling the water lap at your toes, smelling that salty air, and never having the courage to let it wash over you.  It is an awesome experience.

The blood of Jesus...the Son of  God...has broken down all the barriers that sin held strong.  NOTHING can keep you from that love unless YOU choose to dig your heels in and refuse to humble yourself before Him.  His Blood shed...His Love released...His Blessings waiting just for you!!