Monday, March 12, 2012

The Quiet Place

As a child I would find little places to hide.
I loved to read and would seek those times when I could be alone and read to my heart's content.
I think Jesus was showing me even at that age of my life how important it is to have a quiet place.
When I came back to the Lord in my late 20's and began to learn to worship my God, I would seek for those "little places" where I could be alone.

As the years have progressed in my Christian walk, I have on numerous occasions forsaken those times of refuge due to work, home, ministry, etc., being deceived into thinking that I had learned enough.  Then when the strain of carrying life's burdens would overwhelm my soul, I would bring my wounded and discouraged heart back to Jesus; again seeking that "quiet place".

I've been going through a deep and troubling time.  I have a third bedroom that my husband Herb and I created for our children, grandchildren, family and friends to use should they visit.  It is empty most of the time, and I had him move some things out so that I can turn that far room into "a quiet place".  I was ill all last week and could not physically embark on what I have so longed and needed again in my life.

This morning I grabbed a songbook of praise and worship.  I went to my little corner, sat down, opened the book and immediately hesitated to sing because it is intimidating to hear your own voice.  I just bowed my head, told Jesus that I knew He loved me, and began to find familiar songs to sing to Him.  The tear immediately began to flow as I sang precious words like..."Abba, Father", "Jesus, Name Above All Names", Majesty, Worship His Majesty", plus many others.  Then new songs began to flow out of my heart to Him, and I just worshiped Him and expressed my love to Him.

This little room has no computer, no TV, and the only electronic device is a DVD player that I can play worship songs on.  Herb bought me a little rocker that is next to a window.  Next to that is a little table where I have special books of God's Promises to pray from, and my Bible.

I need this place.  I need His Presence again to be greater than all that has discouraged and disheartened me over the last few months.  I need to do what one song said this morning..."I worship and adore You, bowing down before You, songs of angels singing, hallelujahs ringing...Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Hallejuah, amen!

Some of the songs I sang were written so many years ago.  I wondered what that dear saint was going through as the Holy Spirit inspired those words in his/her soul?  I'm grateful for these songs.  I'm grateful that God provides us "quiet places" to refresh and restore our souls. 

I'm glad that He sits in that little room with me, and then goes with me wherever I go.