Monday, February 20, 2012

Mayo or Mustard?

Marriage.....the true test of courage!

Saturday night I had the privilege of listening to newly weds and "oldy" weds.   I had to fight back tears.  Each man and woman shared stories of family influences and the paths that led them to marriage.  I heard a man who married his high school sweetheart, how they both found Christ after many years of marriage, and yet, there were tears in his eyes as he looked at her; publicly professing his love.

Our "oldy" weds shared how much more you need one another as you age, how you depend on one another, and encouraged us all to laugh together more.  Most of the newly weds sat silent as their lives are just beginning, and yet one said..."I can't believe it has been a year and a half already!" 

For Herb and I it will be 43 years on June 21st of this year.  Forty three years.  Forty three years.  I repeat that not in bragging, but like the newly wed, I say it almost in unbelief.  Forty three years.

I asked the couples last night to never compare their marriages to anyone else, for they have to make their marriage what they want it to a sandwich.  A sandwich????  Where are you going with this? 

Well, think about it.   There are not two people in the world who like their sandwich the same way.  I finally learned after many frowns that Herb likes mayo on one side (where the veggies are), and mustard on the other  (where the meat is).  I like mine with Miracle Whip (now low fat, low sugar, low everything), and a little mustard on one side. 

Some marriages are whole wheat, full of fiber; while others are white bread, soft and easy to digest.  I've seen marriages with little or no condiments between people, and I've witnessed full blown Dagwood's, just stacked with everything in them.  I've witnessed a few "meatball" marriages, and I don't mean Italian.   And Lord, help the man or woman who marries a "Sloppy Joe".  What a mess that can be!!

I think "open-face" sandwiches are great! You can see everything, nothing is hidden, and they are easy to share. 

Reuben's can be hard because of the "grilling" while Veggie sandwiches require too much seasoning to make them palatable.  The good old standard PB&J can become quite acceptable, though, as it is both sweet and savory and you can always add more "stuff" to it (with a big glass of milk). 

You may think..."Charlotte, this is silly"!  You're right.  It is.  But, it is what YOU and I put into our marriages that make them our own.  My favorite sandwich is made with Living Bread.  You slice it with the Sword of the Spirit (the Word of God).  You season it with olive oil (the Holy Spirit), and a light sprinkling of salt  (to preserve it).  You layer on the Fruit of the, joy, peace, goodness,kindness, faith, self-control, patience, and joy.  You and your spouse come to the Table of the Lord to eat it together, and He anoints your head with gladness while He fills your cup to overflowing.

Marriage takes courage...yes.  But, make a sandwich out of it.  Find out what works for YOU.  Get the best ingredients possible, prepare it together, and ENJOY!!!  Oh....and don't forget to pull up a chair for the One Who created all of this for your blessing and His glory!!