Friday, February 17, 2012

Never Gets Old

Learning God's Word thrills my soul.
When I choose to apply my mind to taking in what He says; He always reveals something to bless me.
Isn't that truly bizarre?  Think about it.  God, came in the flesh, took OUR sins, died on the cross, went to the grave, then hell, and was resurrected for US!  What did we do to deserve being treated like this? N O T H I N G!!

Ephesians 2:1 says...and you HE MADE ALIVE, who WERE dead in sins.  Honey....that's the truth.  Believe it or not.  Believe now or when you stand before Him some day.  It's the truth.  Good ole forefather Adam turned the title deed of our spiritual existence over to a true Carpetbagger.....satan.  He has been bagging souls ever since.

Ever make something out of nothing?  No.  All humans can do is take what already exists and craft or re-create something from material already in manifestation.  Even your thoughts are not YOUR creation.  What you think is what you have been taught, whether for good or for evil.

Oh....bluster, bluster....I am woman, hear me roar....I am my own man, watch me conquer.  Go on, shake your fist at God.  He loves you even when you and I are in these fleshly temper tantrums of deception. 

Think somehow you are going to escape THAT DAY???  What day?  The day that you stand all alone before the Living God and give an account for the way you lived?  I know Jesus and that makes me shudder to think about it.  What about those who refuse to know Him?  Do you think God is going to take pleasure in not finding your name in the Lamb's Book of Life.

Do you know what gave God pleasure?  Read Isaiah 53:10.  It pleased God to bruise Jesus for you and me.  It PLEASED Him?  Yes.  Why would anyone be pleased at seeing their own child beaten, spat on, stripped naked, cursed at, have hair pulled violently out of his flesh, have rusty nails driven through tender flesh, laughed at, mocked, and left to die alone?  What kind of sicko is that?

Its hard for humans who are so "self-serving" to understand a plan so magnanimous (don't you love that word?), that it was created before we ever drew breath in this world, and it was enacted even though it stood the distinct possibility of being totally rejected by all it was presented to.

We have been taught for so long that we are slime out of the ocean, an amoeba that crawled out of sludge and became an upright human being, that it is hard to conceive that we were the Love Creation of the Infinite, Intelligent, Architect of Life.  We were stolen from Him, and He went to the ends of the earth to get us back.  God came to earth to bring us home.  Why is that so hard to fathom?

It is because our minds have been so darkened against God that it takes His Truth, His Rhema, His Illumination to set us free to "hear" Him.  Lord, I'm a Texan!  I know what it means to be Miss Independent with an  "Ain't Nobody Gonna Walk on Me or Tell Me What To Do" attitude....kicking and spittin' all the way!! 

Ever see dead people walking around?  Every day!  I was dead to God at one point in my life.  Oh, I was a busy old corpse, working, playing, shopping, going to the movies, having kids, eating out, buying homes, losing homes, struggling, angry, afraid, unable to really look myself in the mirror CORPSE.  Oh, I was physically alive, but dead, so dead to God.

But one day.  One glorious day...Truth found me.  He opened my spiritual eyes, began to soften this sin-crusted heart of mine, and changed me from death into Life!  O, how I love Jesus, O, how I love Jesus, O, how I love Jesus, because He first loved me.

Why does the Word never get old to me?  He SAVED me.  He wrote it down.  He wrote it all down.  He has shown the human condition in every kind of death and depravity.  He has withheld nothing from us.  He has shown the history of mankind's creation, lost condition and redemption.  These living words restore the soul of any human, if they are found.

This world is getting old.  Living for ourselves gets real old.  We get old living for ourselves.  Sin gets old.  It loses its glamor after awhile. Oh, we keep going back to that slop and try to convince ourselves it is what we need and want.  Nope.  We have just gotten used to wallowing in it.  Eveyone else us around us smells of the same thing, so we think its natural.  All corpses smell of death whether it be spiritual or natural.

But deep, deep, deep down inside where nobody can see but Jesus, your heart cries out for life.  Only the kind of life you are really wanting cannot be obtained from a credit card, a glass full of booze, sexual partners, the latest anything, diplomas and such.  For only the One Who loves you even though you are resisting His every advance, can truly give your heart what it REALLY needs.....His unfailing, never dying, always abundant, forgiving, strengthening, up-building love.

Read!  God's Word NEVER gets old.  Eternity cannot die!