Sunday, January 15, 2012

Yes.....I WILL!!!

There are a LOT of scriptures that I stand on, believe, confess, rejoice over, and fight to hang onto!    One of the most inspiring for me is found in Psalms 27:32...."I will see the Goodness of the Lord, in the land of the living!"
     So many times, we sing..."in the sweet by and by"....not  this woman!  I say I WILL SEE while I am still alive and kicking!  What is God's Goodness?? is every precious promise He ever wrote down through inspired men and women!  His Goodness is Who He is and What He does! 
     What do I have to do to experience that Goodness....B E L I E V E....that's right!  Believe not only in the Messenger, Jesus Christ, but His Message.  I have been given the faith of the Son of  God, and all I have to do is learn how to exercise that faith through believing.
     E.W. Kenyon wrote in "The Name of Jesus"...that believing is a verb, and it takes me to the place of faith which is a noun.  Once I get to that place of faith, I just keep my self there and receive, yes, receive that His promise has accomplished and answered my prayer.  That is my fight of faith.  To NOT move once the verb gets me to the noun.  Believing delivers us TO Faith! 
     Believing is based on knowledge of God's Will.  If I know that He is my Shepherd and I shall not lack for any good thing...then, I believe that, and in believing that....I arrive at Faith.  Now...satan isn't going to lollygag around this issue with you.  He is going to accuse, spit, drool, moan, groan, whine, and do whatever he can in the flesh to get you away from that place of strength.
     Tell him to shut up!!  I mean it!!!  Tell him to shut up!  And then, shout the Promise all over him!  You may shed a few tears until you get that Texas "kick" about you, but just DO IT!!  Stand, don't move away from the Promise, believe, receive and welcome the answer!
     Hey!!! Have a really, truly, rejoicing day in the Lord, ok?  He made it...He is with us...He cannot be defeated...and neither can you.  YOU WILL RECEIVE IF YOU KEEP BELIEVING THE WORD!!