Monday, January 16, 2012

First Spiritual, then Natural

We can learn a lot from lightning!  First of all.....stay clear!

     If you study how a storm begins....we are told a cell forms and then increases in strength and size depending on all the factors playing together.  We see the sky darken, we feel the difference in the atmosphere, we watch news programs to track the path of the storm, and to heed the warnings, and then adjust our plans and lives depending on how that storm will affect us.
     We know that storms will come!  It is part of the natural order of this world we live in.  I love Texas with all my heart and soul, and would love to live there again EXCEPT for the re-occurring cycle of tornadoes.  My grandmother in Wills Point, Texas had a storm cellar that she would rush us to at even a hint of a tornado.  It had creepy spider webs and a lot of dust, but it became a safe haven for us, and we would stay until we knew the storm had passed.  They prepared in advance for the likelihood of a storm.  Grandpa didn't wait to start digging a storm cellar when the funnel began to form!
     In Arizona....the monsoon seasons leash powerful winds, blinding dust, and heavy rains (if we're lucky), and remind us that even with the most modern of cars, phones, computers, etc., we are still at the mercy of that natural occurrence and have to prepare.  Dust storms are very frightening and create disorientation, and lack of direction when they are swirling at 60 miles an hour around you.
     You know where I'm going with this, don't you?  Why, then do we think that we can give so casual a nod to our spiritual lives?  Jesus warned that in this life we would have tribulation.  Now..He didn't say that to create fear.  He said that to warn us to prepare for its eventual happening.  Many people believe their lives are  at the mercy of some unseen God Who picks and chooses who will suffer what!
     Don't you know that satan is called the destroyer?  If you don't know that fact, then he will freely do whatever he wants to do to you. I don't blame the local news channel for the storm.  They don't create...they report!  That is what God's Word does.  He reports what satan will do and has done ever since he fell from heaven....kill, steal, and destroy.
    But...He also reports what YOU can do to prepare for any and all fiery darts of the wicked one. want to!  Knowledge prepares you and I.  Ignorance destroys.  Its very simple.  If I KNOW who I am in Christ, what the Word will do for me, in me and through me, then I will TAKE the steps to prepare my heart with God's Word.....reading it, keeping it, obeying it, loving it, and seeking to understand it.  Why?  Because, the Word defeated satan.  Yes..., Jesus, the Living Word (John 1:1) was manifested in the flesh.
     When Jesus spoke demons ran!  When Jesus spoke sicknesses were healed.  He came to LIVE in the Believer.  The Mighty Word of God came to give us His Life.  We have to get that Word in our hearts, keep it there, believe it, and then use that Word, that Name of Jesus, to remind the devil that he is NOT powerful.  He is only powerful in the minds of those who do not know the Word of God.
     God's Word is SPIRIT AND TRUTH!   First spiritual, then natural.  As you seek His Word are taking in a LIVING and POWERFUL anointing that will break every bondage.  You may not need the Word today...things may be going well.  But, satan is always trying to form cells of destruction to rage against us.  Be on guard, guard your hearts and minds IN Christ Jesus...IN the Word...IN His Name!!!
     Even though the storm may and I can confidently say..."No weapon that satan can form against me is going to prosper!!"  Why, because the One Who commanded the storm to be still...LIVES in us!!

Dance in the Rain!!!