Saturday, January 14, 2012



I find it most difficult to write about those I care for the most.
Why?  Not sure.  Maybe, it is because I cannot put my feelings for them into words that paints the
best picture of what I have in my heart.
This "first" daughter of mine, is in many ways a carbon copy of one part of my personality.  Oh, she is so much more intelligent than I ever dreamed of being, but she is fun, strong, playful, explosive, independent, loyal to her family, and yet fragile in ways that she does not like to admit.
When you age, like I'm doing, you don't get to be "Mom" very much.  You assist, aid, come alongside, give tentative opinions, take the back seat, offer rather than command, point out rather than drive, choose your words carefully, and "keepeth thy mouth shut" (if you are wise)!
The last few days with my "baby", I've been elevated back to what I remember as "Mom".  Oh, it won't last, I know that....this ain't my domain.  But, have I cherished it?  Oh, yes!  I've been needed again.  Some may say..."Goodness...get a grip!"  But, when your role changes and believe me, roles change, you have to change , also.  It isn't easy.
Don't get me wrong, now!  I don't want to raise teenagers again!  (a very quick shaking of the head, side to side!!)  But, it has been nice to hear..."Mom, what do you think about.....???
So, thanks Sis (that's what we call Michelle)!  Thanks for needing me.  Thanks for letting me see my "baby" again.  Thanks for being that wonderful, complex woman that still brings tears to my eyes and
joy to  my soul!
You'll get through this difficulty and be back on your way again!  You come from strong stock!!
And a lot of prayers!!!