Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Something Worth Repeating!

This is the scripture the Lord gave to Herb and I for the 2012 year.
God gives His Word as a platform of strength to stand on, a beacon of light to lead us, and an assurance that He knows the way ahead.  Our response to God's Word must become..."I will trust in what You say, O, Lord, and I will do what You command!"  Any other response means that we have chosen to lean on our own understanding, and for doing that we play a dangerous game.
     I "see" with my eyes a problem.  I "feel" the uncertainty of the moment.  I "wonder" what will be the end result, and I "reach" for a natural solution to ease my fears.  This is "leaning on YOUR understanding", and will never provide the confidence you need to go through any difficulty or trial.
     This is where the knowledge of God's Word comes in.   This is where training in righteousness or doing what is right in God's sight must be developed.  When the problem arises, I must learn to immediately go the Word of God, and focus my mind, will and emotions on what God says.
     If I do this daily BEFORE a crisis; then, when the crisis comes, I will be "clothed in His armor", and will have the confidence already in play to meet the need.  God HAS said..."I shall supply your every need according to MY riches in glory IN Christ Jesus!"  Jesus IS the Living Word.  Believe what He says!  Believing will get you to a place of absolute confidence in God, and His Character.
     You are going to believe in something.  If you are afraid, you are believing the thoughts and feelings that came to you the moment you heard or saw an evil report.  If you are angry and unforgiving, you are believing that that evil action perpetrated against you will forever become and color who you are.  It AIN'T so!!!!
     The Word IS alive and powerful.  It will transform the soul of anyone seeking to walk in dependence on God.  But first...you have to get the Solution INTO your mind.  Don't wait for the problem to jump out and growl at you.  GET the Solution...the Word...INTO your reasoning mind.  When the problem growls, The Word will rise up into your soul and provide every weapon of heaven to dispel fear, worry, doubt, etc.
     I love pictures.  I love the pictures that the Word creates in my mind.  I love that my Father is an Artist, an Architect, holy Inspiration, and can add such vividness to His Word as I read it.  I have learned, though, to linger as I read the Word, so that the Holy Spirit can paint my mind with the beauty of God's Word.
     Once while praying early through Psalms 23, I "saw" Jesus standing there with His Shepherd's staff.  I heard Him say..."I stand for you at the dawn of every morning!" I've never forgotten that feeling that came with that picture of Him guarding me.  We CAN trust Him.  He IS faithful.  He wants YOUR faith to be a place of rest that you can run to; knowing He is the Alpha and Omega of your life.
     He started your faith...He will bring it to completion today and forever!
You may "feel" fear.....Just don't let it get a hold of you!
You may "feel" hopeless.....don't let it color your future!
You may "feel" sad, lonely, or bewildered....don't allow those feelings to flood your soul today.
Take God's Word...Psalms 23, Psalms 103, Psalms 27, Proverbs 3....my goodness,
just open God's Word and LOOK...He will show up for you.
It's worth repeating.