Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The Light of Life on Living Water

I love sharing what I receive from God's Word and in prayer.
God is alive, and He speaks Living Words!!!

My husband Herb and I pastored, Light of Life Christian Fellowship in Phoenix for many years before moving to Show Low, AZ.  When we moved here many years ago, it was hard laying down that vision.  After a few years we stepped back into ministry, and then was hired by Living Water Community Church in 2005.

It was again necessary to lay down the name of Light of Life and receive a new church name, but we did.  The five years at this church has seen many glories and many challenges.  Pastoring is not easy, and demands such a commitment to the Gospel that has to supercede and many times ignore the opinions of others.  But, when you know that that is  your calling, you cannot be happy doing anything else.

A couple of years ago while praying in the sanctuary of our church, the Lord gave me a word.  He said that Living Water would be restored to the glory He had ordained for her, and that that root would not wither nor pass away.  I held onto that Word, and still do, even though there has been a spiritual battle that has waged against all who have attended there.

Herb and I have committed to prayer this year in a new and life changing way.  I KNOW what I sense in my spirit, and it is surrounded with such a glow of joy.  This morning as we were praying, I was asking the Lord to  re-ignite the hearts of people.  All of a sudden I saw a flame sitting on top of moving water.  There was no separation between the flame and the water.  They were united. 

I then heard..."The Light of Life will be seen upon Living Water"!!  Glory, glory, glory!!!!  I searched for a picture of what I saw, and found the beautiful one I have posted.   I am so encouraged, so encouraged of God.  He is the Light, the Living Water, and He will enhabit the praises and lives of His people!!!

Have a New Direction 2012 in Jesus this Year!!