Friday, January 20, 2012

How Precious Are Your Words to Me, O Lord!

A mother never forgets the first time they hear their children say the word..."Mama"!
From the time a child begins to utter its first little noises, we work at teaching them to repeat the sounds they hear from our mouths.  We teach them what we have been taught and so this passes on from one generation to the next.
     What is amazing is that if I taught my child to call me any other name...they would.  Children repeat what they are taught.  When my first daughter, Shelley, began to speak, I jokingly taught her to say "ridgefrator" rather than "refridgerator".  Why?  Just because her little voice was so precious, and she would just mimic back whatever I said to her.  One day a friend of mine heard her say that word and questioned me.  I realized I had better correct it or my poor child would become the laughing stock of the neighborhood.
     As a Texan, I was taught because I "heard" the words ...ya'll, fixin',yes sir, no sir, yes' ma'am, no ma'am, please, thank you, bless your heart, and so on.  I learned to repeat what came from the community I was raised in.  Some of the words I was taught were mean, racial, etc., and as I matured I learned to exchange some words I was taught for better words, encouraging words, nicer words.
     Then, when Jesus found me again, I learned inspirational words, healing words, faith words, and words of Truth that would and continually set me free.  This is why the Bible is so precious to my soul.  God sent His Word to teach us the way He thinks, talks, and believes.
     Just this morning Herb and I were discussing the different translations, etc, and how some can be confused as to what is "the" right way.  Listen....just search for Jesus in the Bible.  Start there.  Learn Him.  He will always point you to the ways of the Father and the Holy Spirit.
     Over the years I have "learned" from Bible teachers certain truths that changed the way I believed, but the one thing that ALL Bible teachers will agree on is that Jesus is the Living Word, and that He still speaks today through the influence, guidance and illumination of the Holy Spirit.
     The Holy Spirit is the Teacher!  He knows how you learn.   He knows how to connect the dots for you.  He, given the time by you, will reveal truth to you, and open the eyes of your understanding. He will fill your soul with love, joy, peace, and hope.  He will draw a divine line between what you "think" and the thoughts of God, and then allow you to see how to choose God's way.
     He was sent to your spirit, crying..."Abba, Father", and just like a mother who teaches her child to call her by name, so will He teach you how to recognize and understand the Word of God.