Monday, January 23, 2012

Happy Birthday...Marisa Leigh...January 24


On January 24, 1977,
                                            our second, beautiful daughter was born.
She had a rather rough beginning being allergic to milk and/or formula.
So, for the first few months of her little life she could only drink jello water.
For being so little, Risa, always had a BIG personality...
still does!

She is one of those kind of people that can walk into a room, and immediately
gets to know everyone, and everything about them.
She has been through a lot of battles in her life, but has always managed to come
up to the surface, and keep going on...."little toughie"!!

She loves her family, her friends,  and the Dallas Cowboys.
I thought I was a fanatic....have mercy....can't even touch the child.
She is very quick witted, and sometimes....whoa, mama...what she can come up with.

Did I mention her shoes??
Lord, it makes my feet hurt to see her even wear them!
She has always been teased about being the short one in the family.
This is the birthday card she sent me this year!!
I think its a pair she wears......Dr. Scholl's please!!!

Our "baby-girl" is a conglomeration of all that is good and wonderful
about our family, and we love her dearly.

Risa....have a wonderful 35th Birthday!!!
Dad and I love you, are proud of you, and miss every day that
we are not with you.