Thursday, January 19, 2012

Discipline and Frozen Yogurt

I Have None!

That's right....I have NO discipline when it comes to frozen yogurt.
Our little town does not have one of these businesses.....THANK THE LORD!!!
Where my daughter lives in Phoenix, there are two...yes, two....of these dens of evil
close to her home.

And what makes it worse are my grandchildren AND my daughter, Shelley!
Smiling sweetly, they gaze at me and say..."FroYo, Grandma!!"
And then the picture pops in my head.
Sweet vanilla frozen yogurt with pecans and caramel syrup!

Oh, its fat free, alright, as though that justifies it.
But you go in and these seducers lay out before you nuts of every kind,
sprinkles, crushed oreos, miniature snickers, syrups....

I give up!
If there was one around here, I'd be out the door right now.
But....THANK THE LORD....all we have is Dairy Queen, and its too far to drive...
I think!!!