Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Happy Birthday Patricia Propper, Faithful Friend and Teacher

On January 1st, this precious lady celebrated her 72nd (forgive me if I'm wrong, Pat).....birthday!   I met Patricia in the late 1970's through Trinity Bible Church.  I was 27 years old, a young mother of two beautiful baby girls, and my now husband, Herb, whom at the time was spiritually lost, and bound by a drug habit.  I, myself, had been away from God since I was 14 years old, ready to divorce my husband, and bound myself to a 14 year, 3 pack a day, smoking habit.

Jesus found me again in 1977, and then sent this precious woman into my life.  I was working at Phoenix City Employees Federal Credit Union, and Pat would meet with me weekly to share God's Word.  Oh, I wonder what she thought of me then???  I was such a mess!!  But, faithfully, she would come, and our friendship continued to deepen and grow.  I became part of her family.  This warm, loving, smiling woman who was an artist, a avid disciple of Jesus, and a prayer warrior, wrapped me in her heart, and would not let go.

When I faced the crisis of confrontation with the devil, Pat was there.  Through the strength of Pastor Malcolm Cronk and Pat, I was able to stand against the evil that was holding my husband, and within a year's time, Herb was saved and eventually and completely free.  He is now a pastor, serving the Lord Who died on the cross for him.

Pat had her own difficulties to endure in her life, but through it all, she never took her eyes off her Master.  I posted both pictures because I wanted you to see this lovely woman of faith.  I wish I could let you hear her voice, and her laugh.  Pat twinkled!!  She did!!  She has a sparkle about her despite all she has been through, and I know it is because of the glory of Christ within her spirit.

Patricia Broyles Propper......I love you.  My life was forever changed because of you.   You stood with me when no one else would.  You prayed with me when all hell had come against me.  You fought for me, my husband and my children.  You came against the gates of hell for me, and loved me through the fiery blast satan's fury.

I am your gift, Pat.  Jesus wrapped me up, laid me in your arms, and through your devotion to Him, I went on to love Him as you taught me.  I honor you.  I will never forget you.  You are a major part of my testimony that I joyfully share and hold dear.  God Bless You with health, with memories to comfort you, and with the knowledge that everything I touch, also has your handprints, and heartprints upon them.

I followed you as you followed Christ.........Charlotte