Sunday, November 20, 2011

Mystery Solved!!!

I posted on FB today the problem I had with the butterscotch cake.  Well, a good friend of mine asked a most simple question....."instant pudding" or "regular" did I use????  So, I checked the second box of butterscotch pudding I had purchased and "lo and behold" was the cook and serve.  NO WONDER!!!
Well, this revives my wounded ego,and I will try it again, as the flavor of the cake was marvelous.  I also added a brown sugar/walnut glaze.....woweeee!!
   Now, if you  are looking for an amazing cranberry/pumpkin bread let me know!!  I will post it and once I figure the picture posting part of the blog....I will post it!
   We had some special company today after church and mistakes and all.....had a great time.  Hope you had a wonderful weekend!!  Blessings to you!!