Thursday, June 8, 2017

What Should I Pray For You?

Morning Glory...

What should I pray for you?
There is only one thing that is truly more important than all others.
It is that the "eyes of your understanding" be enlightened.

About what?
When the heart truly, truly receives the understanding of how great the love of God is for them, and how it was through JESUS that that love was manifested, well, it is a life changer.

Jesus came by the Father's kind intent to change our lives.
He was filled with GOOD NEWS, and was under Heaven's direction to find each one of us so that we could HEAR what that GOOD NEWS would mean to us.

Jesus came in the flesh.
His flesh was crucified to take sin's punishment away from us.
When He left this earth, He sent Someone just like Him to carry on that GOOD NEWS telling.  The Holy Spirit.

The Holy Spirit breathed upon men who sought after God.
He filled them with the GOOD NEWS and had them write down what they heard Him say.
In doing that, you and I, and all generations to come would not miss out on the love of God.

But, we need our hearts to open to this GOOD NEWS.
Each one of us needs to SEE for ourselves and HEAR for ourselves the great love that God loved us with.

So, what do I pray for you?
I pray your heart will be led to the Bible.
This Book of Books contains the thoughts and intents of the Father's heart towards YOU.
Oh, yes it is filled with all the ways humans have failed to understand God.

It is also filled with God's promises to each human born on this planet to show them grace and mercy for those failures.
It is filled with human witnesses that tasted for themselves the goodness and the wrath of God.

God has never hidden Truth from us.
We have hidden ourselves from Truth.
We have chosen to be ignorant of Him.
We have decided that God is not worth our time to get to know and understand.

People perish because of a lack of knowledge.
God desires you to KNOW and come out of ignorance about Him and His ways.

When was the last time YOU found time to open God's Thoughts...the Bible...and asked Him to speak to you?
He has given you time to spend any way you choose.

What do I pray for you?
That you will CHOOSE to spend time with God, and SEE and HEAR His Voice.

Loving Him and you,