Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Sallie's Morning Glory

Morning Glory...

A dear friend in Texas sent me a picture of her morning glories that are blooming.  I saved it with her permission so that I could use it on my blog.  The friendship that our families had many years ago in Forney, Texas,  and that has since been restored through social media has been a treasure.

Sallie and her family lived just behind us as we were growing up.  We were always playing outside and at each other's houses.  I loved going to her house because they had a piano, and I would sit and try to play it. 

There is something special about people who share your past, that "know" you.  Although I have been away from Texas for too many years, yet, whenever I have visited, Sallie has always asked to see us. 

Thank you, Sallie, for sharing your "morning glories" with me.  I love them and will use them often.  Thank you for being a dear friend to our family, and for continuing to share your life with me.

Loving Him and you,