Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Thank You Jesus

Morning Glory...

There are days that praising God is truly like drawing water from an empty well.  I love this song for this reason.  It helps bring my focus back to Jesus.  It helps me to say.."thank You".  The softness and comforting tones of this man's heart and words are like a light guiding me to God's Throne Room, where He waits for me with mercy and grace.

Oh, the tears fall.

Sometimes more than I want.

But, I know the Holy Spirit is washing me, helping me, lifting me, and clothing my soul in such tenderness; which is what I need.

Life comes to drape us in bitterness, fear, hopelessness and sorrow.

The Holy Spirit is with us to clothe us in trust, love, gentleness and faith.

I pray this song will draw you to Him.

He is waiting for you to come.

You don't have to ask Him to come to you.

He is the Open Door.

Go in.

Loving Him and you,