Saturday, September 24, 2016

In The Hands of the Gardener

You gave to me Your Life, O Lord, and planted Grace in me.
You poured into my heart Your Self; a fragrance so rare and free.
Heaven's Rose amidst this thorn, a mercy for eyes to behold.
Nurtured and pruned by Loving Hands, His Story to be told.

Standing through all the tests of life, each petal remained in place.
Battered by rain and hail and wind, always seeking the Gardener's Face.
A Life within a life so frail, and yet with God's Strength given.
Heaven's Rose amidst this thorn sought to draw men's hearts to heaven.

And as this life draws to a close, the heart cry is the same,
That all will know my one desire was to exalt His Holy Name.
This thorn's great joy was to lift the Rose and faithfully to stand.
Until that day when Home I'll go, safely carried in the Gardener's Hands.

Loving Him and you,