Tuesday, February 9, 2016

"Get A Life"

Morning Glory...

"Why do those  Christians have to post so many things on Facebook about Jesus?
 Geez, they need to get a life!"

We have!  His Name is Jesus.  Until you  have experienced for yourself the transforming power of His love, then, it is easy to understand your perplexity with us.  We, like you, once were fans of this world.  We were captivated and occupied with the very same things that most humans are involved with.

The recent super bowl event is just one indication of what captivates the hearts of people.  It isn't just a one day event.  No.  Even before the big game is over, there is talk of "next year".  The why's and the if's and the maybe's and the could've, should've, would've aspects of this sport is an every day importance to the real sports fan.  They are willing to spend whatever amount to win the football pots, obtain a ticket to the game, purchase all of the paraphanalia to exhibit to others who they idolize and worship.  It is their "life".

Oh, I'm not saying there is anything intrinsically wrong with enjoying a sport.  I can see the rocks poised for throwing right now.  But, there is something in the heart of a Christian that is more captivating, more real, and more ongoing than anything this world has to offer.  It is the deep and intimate love and relationship with the Person of Jesus Christ.

I won't use football vernacular to describe Him.  He is worthy of a more intrinsic description than that.  Having His Life actually grants that person more freedom to enjoy life as a whole without being destroyed by it.  Jesus is the Author of life, both spiritual, emotional and physical.  He came and lived in all three dimensions of humanity, and yet showed the real way of living. 

The more you know Him, though, the more He becomes the central focus of all you think and do.  Oh, He doesn't deride you for all the "pet" infatuations you have when you first receive His love and life.  No.  He just has this way of being able to show you what is truly important, and then helping you to realize that for yourself.  So many think they have to give up what they want to follow Him.  But, what you don't understand, is that when you begin to really know His love, your heart begins to want to let go of anything that takes you away from Him.  It is an amazing experience.   

You find that everything parallels Him.  If I see a tree, I think of the cross.  If I see a homeless person, I think of His desire to bless that person.  If I hear an old song, it just reminds me of what I was before Jesus.  If I hear cursing, I reflect on the grace that set me free from darkness.

Jesus isn't trying to "guilt" you into loving Him.  He just draws comparisons, and lets you decide what is truly the life you desire to have and live.  He does ask, though, that you try to understand that someday all of what we see in this natural world will pass away.  It will not last forever.  There is an eternity that each one of us will enter some day.

So, the next time you get irritated with "those" Christians for their incessant posts about Jesus on Facebook or wherever, just ask yourself..."Why?".  There is an eternal change that has gripped their hearts that won't let go.  His Name is Jesus, and He has become their Life!
What grips you?