Monday, February 1, 2016

Calm in the Day of Adversity

Morning Glory...

Reading God's Word from Psalms 94 today gave me great encouragement for the current problems facing our nation and generation.

V2...speaks of  God as the "Judge of the earth", the One Who renders compensation to the proud.  Pride was the sin that destroyed Lucifer.  Pride brought Adam and Eve to their destruction.  Pride can cause you and I to linger in the shadows rather than enjoy the brightness of God's glory.

V.3-11 - describes how the wicked boast in doing evil towards God's people, the stranger, and the murder of the unprotected orphan.  Do we not see this today?  Do we not hear every day of those who delight in evil doing?  They believe that they are getting away with it.  They believe that God does not see nor does He care.  But God knows!  He sees the emptiness and the futility that their ways will become.

V. 12-19 - reminds us that the discipline and instruction of the Lord brings blessings.  God gives His people power to stay calm even in the days of adversity.  He has not abandoned His people and promises justice for the uncompromisingly righteous. 

V. 20-23 - the outcome of the wicked is revealed.  They will be destroyed by their own wickedness.  God's promise to be the High Tower and Defense of His people will be seen.

Pray this Word today.  Believe God's Word will be performed for those that are being persecuted and harmed by the wicked.  Stay grounded upon Him as your High Tower and Defense today against all the corruption, wickedness and unrighteous doings that you may see or hear.

Draw your strength from His anointed Word today.