Tuesday, September 8, 2015

How Is Your Plot of Ground?

Morning Glory...
I have the privilege of teaching God's Word on Sunday mornings while my husband fully recovers from surgery.
I am sharing on the "Strong Root of Faith".
From Mark 4, Jesus, with great detail explained how faith works.
He compares the Word to a seed.
He then describes the types of soil that either encourages
growth or destroys it.
What blessed me a few weeks ago as I meditated upon this
was the fact that the seed is ALWAYS ready to produce.
It will begin to do so into whatever soil it is thrown.
But, that does not mean it will be successful.
God's Word is meant to succeed in our lives.
It has been programmed to produce God's Will.
When given the best surroundings...it WILL produce.
What are those surroundings?
A heart that is ready to welcome, accept, and believe the Word.
Mark 4 just gives a clear examination of what either aids the Word
in its journey, or hinders it from completing its course.
We would love to put this responsibility on others, on circumstances, on self-intimidation, but when it comes
down to it...folks...we are in charge of our plot of ground!
If you want to see the seed of faith that has been given to you work...then...read Mark 4.
Ask yourself...where am I right now in my own heart?
Now, don't read to be condemned...that's the devil!
Read to be changed!
Read to be transformed by the washing of the Word!
Read to be convicted so that God can finish that good work
that He began in you!
Loving Him and you,