Saturday, February 28, 2015

A Well Worn Path

Morning Glory,

I am re-reading this precious "first" book that the Lord gave me the courage to write.

I will be speaking on this in a few days at a local Phoenix church.  I have been going over its contents, and want to share a few "nuggets" that have helped me.

On page 24...

Satan always offers a victim for the expression of our sin.  As long as he can keep us looking outward towards others, he knows that this will be the stumbling block that will hinder us from repenting and receiving inward restoration from God.

I am going through a difficult time right now, and re-reading this book is helping me AGAIN to stay on the right path.  God cannot correct what we refuse to acknowledge.

It is painful to face mistakes.  It hurts the human pride.  It is that pride that deceives us into thinking that there is another way around "right"!  There isn't.

If it is right...there will be peace.
If it is wrong...there will always be constant work at justification.

Following the well worn path that Jesus created for us to follow is not always comfortable for our flesh.  But, if we are to "be" holy (separate, set apart) for our Father's use, then we must follow.

"Forgive and Remember" continues to bless my life, for it was a deep spiritual lesson that still teaches me today.

Loving Him and you,