Wednesday, May 21, 2014

More Blessing Vitamins from Heaven


Morning Glory...

In the last couple of postings, we discussed B-Vitamins.  I renamed them Blessing Vitamins because every day God wants to daily load you with the knowledge of His benefits.

I went to the eye doctor on Tuesday of this week.  Some changes are taking place, and when I asked him the reason why, he said..."birthdays".  I laughed at the gracious way he implied aging.  As I heard what the natural physician said, I also heard what my Great Physician said to  me.  I appreciate all the medical knowledge doctors have.  But, I am learning to exalt my Father's Truth over all earthly knowledge.  It comes in the form of His Word.  So, our next Blessing Vitamin is:

Psalms 103:5
God satisfies your mouth (your necessity and desire at your personal age and situation) WITH GOOD so that your youth, renewed, is like the eagle's (strong, overcoming, soaring)!
(See also Isaiah 40:31)  (all emphasis mine)
Now...if we earnestly look at this above scripture, we can see the intent of God's heart.  What do we do with our mouths?  The mouth signifies the tool of the body where we receive nourishment for our bodies, where cravings exist, where specific desires long to be satisfied.  God also uses this to address two issues that He will provide for.  It is need and desire.  In this scripture it denotes physical and soulish desires.  God KNOWS you!
Matthew 6:32 says..."God knows well that you need earthly provision".  Before that, though, we are directed to seek His kingdom FIRST.  The previous scriptures that lead up to verse 32 tell us the character of the  God Who loves us.  Learning that vital truth releases kingdom principals in our hearts.  When we learn to appreciate God, then we will KNOW that He will prove to us what the benefits of faith are.
As we grow in this knowledge, it will put a spring in our step...youthfulness.  This age works hard at preparing us for aging, sickness and death.  God's Word works hard at keeping us strong, overcoming and renewed.   Which one do you desire?  What you desire, seek to satisfy, long for fulfillment, is what God will allow you to have.
Go after God's Word!  With that Word comes benefits.  Learn the benefits of knowing God.  Then real satisfaction will enter your heart, because you will come to know the Source of All Blessings...GOD!!
Take Psalms 103...the WHOLE Psalms.  Seek to know its truths today.  Believe God as you look upon these Blessing Vitamins!  When you believe,  you are "taking in" super-natural Life into your soul, and it will change you!   God's Word affects all three parts of the human...spirit, soul and body.   Give God time to do this for you.
Keep all the vitamins I have shared so far.  Take them daily. BELIEVE God's Word!!  Renewal is in the Word of God!
Loving Him and you,