Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Get the Juices Flowing!

Morning Glory!!!

Years ago, doctors would give their patients a certain B-Vitamin shot, when there were symptoms of fatigue, weariness, or what they would call " run down condition".  If you have never had one of these shots, then you have missed an amazing experience.  Usually, within the first few hours you can experience a sense of calm, and a heightened feeling of well being. 

I was thinking this morning of that treatment, and I realized that many of us could use a daily dose of a "B-Shot".  So, knowing that III John 2 says, "Beloved, I wish above all things that you would prosper, be IN health, even as your SOUL prospers"...I thought a daily dose of God's blessings just might get you and experiencing the sense of well-being that God has purposed us to have.

We all know that natural medication cannot cure what really afflicts us.  Right??  You do know that??   Pain killers mask pain.  They give temporary relief, but cannot go to the source of the problem and bring forth a resolution.  Even vitamins must be taken daily to receive their benefit.  Why?? Because our bodies use what they need, and send the rest to the kidneys where they exit!!   Misplaced faith can disappoint.  But, faith placed in the REAL solution can bring lasting health and stamina. 

We just need to learn HOW to put our faith in something that has eternal quality, and not natural quality.  Oh, praise God, we can use the natural helps, and aren't we glad they exist??  But, over time, we truly need to learn to turn to the One  Who bore our sicknesses and diseases, carried our pains and sorrows, and by HIS stripes, which released the healing flow of His blood...WE WERE HEALED!!

I heard a pastor recently say that when we think on a particular scripture in a devoted and steadfast manner, that that scripture will begin to paint an image on the inside of us, and that it will eventually manifest in our lives.  Glory!!!

So, how about it?  Ready to put faith (trust, confidence, reliance) upon eternal, everlasting Truth, that when you really get to know it, it WILL set you free?  If you even nodded your little head, you are on your way!!

For the next few posting, we will begin to turn our hearts toward the Word.  Your feelings may fight you.  The symptoms in your body may raise up a committee to try and vote you out, but remember...YOU HAVE THE FINAL VOTE!! 

Start with a simple but powerful phrase:

I, with my own free will, CHOOSE to put my trust in God's Word.  As I do this, I will receive more and more knowledge.  This increasing knowledge will result in provision for whatever my need is.'

Woooooo....Hoooooo!!!  That will get the juices flowing.  Now, when you discipline yourself to spend time in that healing scripture...the Holy Spirit will use what you give Him to paint that image on the inside of you...and YOU WILL RECEIVE!!

Time is NOT on your side!!  Make it be on your side.  Use your time wisely.  Use your mind to store anointed and powerful words.  Those words will produce life IN your body!!

As a suggestion, start with III John 2.  It is way in the back of your Bible, next to II John...hee,hee!  It is closer to the Book of Revelation.

First, write this verse down.
Declare out loud you are going to believe what you read.
Ask God to give you clear understanding.
LOOK at EACH word very carefully.  Remember, USE your time.
Believe that this is God's will for you!

As an added bonus, here is a personal confession to repeat several times a day...."I am God's beloved.  He wants me to prosper and BE in health.  This is the place He has provided for me.  As I take in His Word, my mind, will and emotions will prosper, and my body will receive the anointing that issues forth from His Word.  This is MY receiving day, and I will BELIEVE!!"

Now, get going!!  Don't let anything or anybody tell you differently!

Loving Him and you,