Friday, April 25, 2014

The Current of God's Grace

I have attached something I saw on Facebook today, and it really struck me!
First, I listened to Pastor Bill Winston this morning who said..."faith is positive, fear is negative".
Now, that got me to thinking. 
He went on to say that our thoughts create an atmosphere within us that will either help faith to grow or will help fear to grow. 

Then I saw this, and I thought of the word "unplug".  I don't believe we are to disconnect from people, leave them, abandon them, etc., because God does not ever do that to us.  But to me, what I gathered from this little picture was STOP being on the receiving end of negativity. 

None of us are EVER going to fully be on the same page about anything.  But, when disagreements arise don't stay plugged in to the upset.  Pull that plug and go PLUG in to God's Word.  In other words, don't feed on it.  Don't draw that negative energy into your own soul.

Find the current of grace!  Plug into God's grace for yourself and others.  Don't be drained by the situation surrounding you.  Find a place of rest, get your own thoughts up into the heavens, and pray for those who may be under the oppression of negative thoughts.

Anyway...have a most blessed weekend.  Remember,  Jesus is Lord...He is coming again...and may our hearts be ready!!
Loving Him and you,