Sunday, April 13, 2014

Morning Glory...

This week the Lord has challenged me to
carry this cross wherever I go.
Jesus commanded His disciples to "pick up their cross"
and follow Him.
The cross is the symbol of a life given, a life received,
and lives united.
One was pierced, so that many could be made whole.
One bore the curse, so that many could be blessed.
One faced wrath, so that many could receive grace.
One went to hell, so that many could go to heaven.
One bore separation from God, so that many could become His Body.
One defeated satan, so that death and hell would no longer rule.
One laid His Life willingly on the cross He carried all His Life.
Oh, blessed cross, I will carry you in my heart, in my life,
and for the world to see one who has been redeemed by One.
Loving Him and you,