Monday, January 9, 2012

It's Time....

The desire in my heart to understand the “way of the Lord” will also include how sin affects all areas of life, and all peoples.  The warnings of a father to his son in the fifth chapter of Proverbs makes  me ache to see this in our own land.  I vision my son in law and grandsons listening to my husband, and gleaning from the mistakes he made, and yet, the blessings of his life now lived for the Lord.

Temptation abounds in our world.  We are not to be afraid of living, but we are to be equipped for these temptations through the knowledge of God’s Word.  The Holy Spirit did not hide the mistakes of OT or NT saints.  Rather, what He showcased those failures in the light of the Grace that delivered them.

I do not apologize nor walk under the burden of past sins.  They have been forgiven.  Even when the memory of  a past deed is sent to try and torment me, I remember the blood of Jesus has washed me and cleansed me from all unrighteousness.  But, until I “knew” that, satan did a pretty fair job in beating me up emotionally. 

I don’t let him do that now.  I don’t let sin have dominion over me. Yes, I am tempted, but as Proverbs 5 says...”Let your life be far from temptation”.  In other words, don’t give in to whatever is tempting you from obeying God.  We have His warning in this chapter that the “the way of the wicked will ensnare him and he will be held with the cords of his sin”.  Why would I want to be ensnared?  Why would any intelligent human want to be held by something that will eventually kill him?

What is tempting you?  What do you give in to?  Do you know it is far from God’s best?  You can overcome it.  You can stop.  Truth gives you the advantage.  Truth brings light to your path, so that you can walk in a manner pleasing to God, if that is your desire!  So, what if the world is doing it?  So what if all those around you say it is okay?

What does God say?  Do you care?  Do you not know that you will give an account for every action and word some day?  Why not examine yourself now?  Why not humble your own way of doing things now before God?  Why not become a hearer and a doer of God’s Word?  Blessings come to those who are led of the Spirit and not of the flesh!!

Romans 6:11 tells us to consider ourselves dead to sin.   A dead person cannot lie, cheat, steal, drink, smoke, commit adultery, hate, curse, spit, chew or go with girls who do!!  This is the way we are to address the sin that so readily tempts us.  Galatians 2:20 says we are “crucified with Christ”.  He destroyed sins power on the cross.  We are to live with that same mindset.  He said in Philippians 4:13 that the believer can do all things through Christ Who infuses or gives us that glorious strength.

But in James 4:7 we are commanded to “resist”.  That means we must employ our wills against the devil who comes to steal, kill and destroy through sin.  What is sin?  It is a willful choice to live or do or speak in ways contrary to the will of God.  God’s Word was revealed to show us “how” to live.  Let us LIVE UNTO GOD this year!!  Let us wake up and choose God’s Way and walk in peace and confidence before Him.  It’s time…it’s really time to run to His ThroneRoom of Grace and Mercy!  He’s waiting for you.