Sunday, December 4, 2011

Snow Days and Couch Potatoes

A short post today.
Every year in Lakeside, AZ we encounter "snow days"!
Now, at first, you might honest to goodness reason for
becoming an honorary couch potato.
And, there are times, when we do welcome the rest, because life is so pressured.
But.....not having church on Sundays due to weather just doesn't "fit"!!

We lived in Phoenix for years, and BEGGED for honest excuses to take a day off.
But, we have been "off" for 3 days now with possibly two more to go.

So, for those of you who think snow days are great????
Think again!
Oh....we need it for the water sheds, lakes, streams and summer visitors.
I'll give you that.
But, as I watch 4 feet of snow drip off my roof, and think of the
possible shoveling ahead....
Forgive me for a momentary descent into belly-achin'!