Friday, November 18, 2011

First Day of the Morning Glory Blog

Today I start my own journey of blogging.  For someone who never is at a loss for words, there is something about a blank screen and filling it with meaninful thought.  I chose the title of Morning Glory for several reasons.  First, God gives new mercies "morning by morning", and because He stripped Himself of His rightful dignity to take on sinful humanity; I am a recipient of His glory.  A second reason is my mother grew morning glories in her backyard in Dallas, Texas.  I love the personality of this flower that blooms in the morning as though to greet her Lord.  David wrote in Psalms that he arose early to greet the dawn, showing such an expectancy of heart for God's Presence.  As this first blog may be brief, may you be encouraged to open yourself more and more to Jesus, and constantly bask in the knowledge that He sent His glory for you today.