Wednesday, May 18, 2016

All Will Be Well

Morning Glory...

Today a thunderstorm rolled into our area.  I love the deep, baritone sound as it rumbles through the skies.  It is the trumpet call for rain, and my soul delights in the atmosphere the storm ushers in.

Not my dog, Bear, though.  The same sound that I find enjoyment in, strikes fear in his little soul.  He clings to me when the storms come, and follows me around the house until it subsides.

Today, he leapt shivering into my lap.  I was trying to write but felt his fear so strongly, that I stopped to stroke him, and to assure him with my touch that all would be well.  As I did so, I just became aware of the Father's Presence and how He is always with me to assure me that all will be well.

I felt the tremors in my dog began to subside the more that I loved him.  I let him stay on my lap as long as possible.  I know that I can stay as long as I need in my Father's Presence until the deep, baritone sounds of my personal storm subsides.

He is so patient.  He is so kind.  He never makes me feel ashamed for feeling afraid.  He lets me follow Him all around, jump on His lap, and be soothed as His loving Hand strokes my soul.

I cherish these precious moments to be reminded of the loving Presence of my God.