Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Whose Voice?

Morning Glory...

Feelings will not be okay.
Feelings say...the worst is going to happen today.
Feelings will never be right.
Feelings's no use to fight.
Feelings say...God doesn't care.
Feelings say...I'm afraid, I'm scared.
Feelings's hopeless I know.
Feelings say...there's no place to go.
Feelings say...I'm on my own.
Feelings say...there's no place to turn.
God's Word says...a conqueror you are.
God's Word says...your faith will go far.
God's Word Christ you are free.
God's Word can trust in Me.
God's Word says...My Strength is in you.
God's Word says...I'll see you through.
God's Word says...You are My own.
God's Word says...I'll never leave you alone.
Whose voice speaks the loudest,
Whose Voice will you hear.
Whose Voice gives you hope,
That your answer is near?
Learn how to listen to the Voice of the Lord.
Learn how to hear Him through His Mighty Word.
His Voice will grow clearer and feelings will change.
Faith will grow stronger and lead you this day.
Loving Him and you,