Monday, February 23, 2015

The Amazing Focus of Joy

Morning Glory...
Jesus left us an example of amazing inner strength.
He faced His trials with a resolve based on faith and relationship.
He "focused" on the Promises His Father made to Him.

Yes, Jesus had to use His faith.
Jesus employed His Father's Promises to victory.
He looked death, the grave and hell in the face with Truth.
Oh, I cannot imagine the trial of His soul.
I read in the Bible that it caused Him to sweat blood.
Sweat blood?  It needs repeating again and again.

He overcame "for the JOY that was set before Him".
He endured what no other living human can even imagine.
He left Promises for us to focus on, cling to, rejoice in.
His Victory HAS become our victory.
He did this FOR us.

He was the Eternal Map Maker showing us the way.
He is the Shepherd that guides us day by day.
He is the Traveler of Time who knows what lies ahead.
He is the real Joy Giver Who has conquered fear and dread.

Bring your focus into the sharpest view.
The swirling debris of life is trying to capture your soul.
With the same intent that Jesus had...FOCUS upon God's Word.
Joy is leading you to your victory!

Loving Him and you,