Sunday, February 22, 2015

Life of Worth

Morning Glory...

Worthless...oh, what a horrible word and feeling.
How we have all felt it, and sank to the level of believing it.

You're not!
How do I know?
I know Jesus.
I know He came to take worthless lives and give them worth.
His worth.
His Life.
His standing with the Father.

I can't convince you of this.
The Holy Spirit can.
Let Him lead you to Ephesians (in the New Testament).
Read carefully.
Read thoughtfully (with deliberation to learn).

Let Him begin to wash those feelings of worthlessness from your soul.  God loved you when you were dead in your sins.
He loved you intensely then and now.
Let His thoughts fill your soul with the worth He gave to you.

Be reminded of this today.
Take a deep drink of the glory He released in Jesus for you.

Live the "life of worth" God gave you.

Loving Him and you,