Thursday, May 15, 2014

"You Passed!!!"

Morning Glory...

You studied and studied, and then the day of testing arrives.  You put forth your best effort, and wait for the results.  You walk into the classroom, sit down, and watch your Teacher's Face expectantly to discern the expression as your work is looked at.

Suddenly, the Teacher looks up at you, bids you to come forward, hands the paper to you ands says...

Joy explodes in your soul as your eyes close, and you take that deep breath of satisfaction and gratitude.  You disciplined yourself, you followed the instructions, and you reaped the reward!  Now, you have the evidence in your hand, that you believe in your heart!  Congratulations!!
In the last couple of weeks, my husband and I have been going through some 'testing'.  There are two Greek words that describe this in the New Testament:
Peirazo -  A difficult test that comes to try and destroy you  (Satan's kind)
Dokimazo - An evaluation of what you know,  to see if your knowledge and understanding is
                   sufficient to successfully stand and attain your goals.  (God)
Christians believe EVERY test is from God.  This is what gives the enemy ground in your life!  We need to understand the "testing" time, and its purpose.
This testing that satan brought against us was from doors we opened through ignorance, people who, like Job's comforters - brought words that tore down rather than built up, and just pure old meanness from a fallen angel that seeks to kill, steal, and destroy.
On one particular morning Jesus spoke to me and just simply said..."Praise Me!"  Oh, my soul and flesh fought that, but my born again spirit rose up, took control and followed after Him!  He led me through a difficult day, and then the following day I heard Him again!  He said..."YOU PASSED"!!
Oh, the joy that flooded my soul!  I passed the difficult testing meant to destroy me, and I passed the evaluation of my Teacher, Who was observing how I would trust and use His Word to overcome.  I PASSED. 
I told my husband this Good News, and something changed deep within me.  A "solid" knowledge of this blessing of 'passing the test' using the unchangeable Word of  God. 
The tools Jesus gave me were:
1.  Finding the Promises...confessing them out loud...believing them as I confessed.
2.  Praying in tongues.
3.  Praising Him for His Help, Goodness, and Power.
4.  Obeying and yielding to His instructions.
5.  Resisting the devil, my emotions, and all the five senses that were trying to dominate me.
Yep!!  I PASSED!! 
So, can you!
Loving Him and you,