Thursday, March 6, 2014

David's Prayers...Thirdly, Loving God's Word

Morning Glory...

Psalms 119:16-17 it says..."I will delight myself in Your statues, I will not forget Your Word.  Deal bountifully with Your servant, that I may live; and I will observe Your Word (hearing, receiving, loving, and obeying it).
Today we look at "loving" God's Word.  If you will notice that the words in parentheses describe the word "observe".  It is more than just a mere glance at something.  It seems to denote quality time spent with the scripture and putting forth a holy effort in gleaning its treasures.

When David spoke of loving God's Word, it went far more than just a mere feeling.  The Bible was given to us not to become an emotional trinket, something we write our names, our births, our marriages, our families, our deaths into as an historical journal of our lives on earth. 

In Psalms 119:97 David exclaimed..."Oh, how I love Your Law!  It is my meditation all the day.
In Psalms 119:111 again, "Your testimonies have I taken as a heritage for ever, for they are the rejoicing of my heart.
Psalms 119:127- "Therefore I love Your commandments more than (resplendent) gold; yes, more than perfectly refined gold.
Psalms 119:140 - "Your Word is very pure - tried and well-refined; therefore Your servant loves it."
Psalms 119:165 - "Great peace have they who love Your law; nothing shall offend them or make them stumble."

The Hebrew has two main words for love, “ahab” and “hesed”. Love in ahab sense is the closest to the English meaning and is usually refer to the love between people (husband and wide, parent and child, friends) or of people toward God.

As you can see this type of love reflects a relationship.  David had a relationship with God's Word.  He did not see it as an "it".  He saw the commandments, the precepts, the law, etc., as living and he derived not only emotional benefit from the study of God's Word, but he placed a value on it that challenged the worth of everything earthly.  David knew the peace of heart that came from the relationship he enjoyed with God.

Our growth and maturity as a Christian will abound when we seek to have a heart like David.  Now, the most wonderful truth I am about to say is that David was not born again.  Why is that wonderful?  Well, if David could have a heart after God like this, and he had not yet been born again, then, child of God, how much more can you and I expect to have now that we have become the temple of the Holy Spirit???

David looked forward to that day that you and I now enjoy!  The Word inspired him, filled him with visions, gave him prophetic psalms to write that exalted the Messiah to come!  We NOW have that Promise Answered!  Jesus has come!  He is the Great High Priest, who, by the virtue of His own blood opened the Holy of Holies to us, and bids us to come forward with hearts sprinkled and purified to the One Who is faithful to His Word.  (Hebrews 10:20-23)

Sin drove Adam and Eve from God.  Grace led us back to Him.  Satan lied.  God sent His Truth...Jesus, the Living Word, and defeated the lies of the wicked one.

Let your life become a life of prayer and worship.  Go to the pastures of the Lord today.  He has fresh green grass, living water, beautiful rest for your soul.  He cannot feed you if you choose not to follow after Him.  He cannot refresh your soul until you sit down and hear His Voice.

Go to His Word drawing on the wisdom of David to lead you.  The Holy Spirit will open your heart, and you will know the same love that David had for God's Word.  Give Him MORE than a few minutes of your day.  Be transformed by the Love of God. 

Loving Him and you,