Wednesday, July 17, 2013

What A Summer!!!

Morning Glory!!!

Wow, what a summer this has been!!  It has been ages since I wrote on my blog, and it seems as though "life" is finally returning to some kind of normality.  Trips to Texas, trips to Phoenix, situations at church, situations at home, the completion of our food bank at church, etc., etc., etc., (as Yul Brynner would say)!!

For the last two weeks, we have had computer ills, that are finally fixed, and so here I go again!!  All in all I am just very glad to be focused again upon what blesses my heart...writing!  I will be speaking in August at a women's luncheon, and am spending as much time as possible in prayer to be prepared for whatever God has for that time.  I have been doing some "light" fasting in the evening, and it has helped me both spiritually and physically.

I will be tackling the finishing of my book, "Forgive and Remember" this week.  I WILL finish this!! It has only been three years, and it isn't even that large of a book!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Does the word procrastinate ring a bell with anyone besides me??

I have been seeking very definitely to stay committed daily to much time with the Lord.  He has promised from Romans 12 that I would find "the good, the acceptable, and the perfect will", that He has planned for me.  This is one of the things pulling at me at the moment. 

I pray your summer has been a restful one for you.  I know for those who live in the hotter areas of the country, fall can't come soon enough.  It is amazing to me that school is starting for some as soon as the end of July???  It is here in the White Mountains! 

Be blessed today!  Check in with me now and then, and I look forward to sharing God's goodness with you.

Loving Him and you,