Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The One You Can Trust

I began sharing on Monday's blog about wanting to understand the love of God.  We looked at one of the meanings of love which is eros...the Greek word for love in the sensual, emotional, passionate form that most of us are acquainted with when it comes to wanting love and to be loved.

When we understand the different expressions of love then we can be wiser in how we form our relationships.  Sexual overtones are everywhere these days.  My goodness, just watch a TV commercial on any channel and you will be bombarded with hair devices, makeup tips, organ transplants or supplements to change your organs,  clothing, and so on!  All these "outward" gimmicks are to insure your attractiveness to someone else, and put on a fresh coat of paint where there are chips and cracks!!

I can remember being so scared of Herb seeing me without makeup when I first met him.  I started wearing the stuff when I was old enough to draw a straight line, and was petrified of what he might really see if I was caught without it.  What a dope, I was!!!  It took me a long time to relax in his love for me, and to believe that he could love me even if I didn't look like Cher!!  Now, don't you laugh at me.

I think we would all agree, though it may not be your experience, that we seek our relationships on this level of the sensual first, and then proceed with finding out who it is we are involved with.  As I wrote yesterday, I was fortunate to meet someone who knew commitment, but Herb also came with some pretty heavy baggage as I did.  Our first few years together were revealing to say the least.  We have learned over the last 42 years to become friends which is another aspect of love.

Phileo is another Greek word for love.  This kind of love is expressed in the relationships we have with our friends, children or in philanthropic ways, i.e., giving, charity, mutual attraction, fondness.  I have had a very close friend for almost as long as I have been married.  We share the same name, the same month of birth, likes, dislikes, etc.   I have been involved in ministry, Red Cross, and other organizations that are of a giving nature, and have found phileo relationships within those spheres.  And, my husband and I are friends, also.  I love talking to Herb.  We fight and argue, yes, like most couples do, and when he finally lets me have my way (just kidding)....we get along better (ha, ha, ha,).   But, I truly enjoy spending time with him (even without makeup, now!!!).

When Herb gave his life to Christ was when our relationship took on a whole new depth.  We had eros in the early stages of our relationship that developed into phileo, but when he and I both began to understand the agape love of God, is when we began to really see the meaning of love.  True love comprises all three parts because God cares for us spirit, soul, and body.  He created us in those three parts, and designed us to have fellowship with Him and with other humans on that same level.

What grieves my soul is when I see women who have their body parts hanging out for the world to see, as if that is their only reason for being who they are.  Oh, don't fuss at me about this, but you know it is true.  Young women for years now have been taught to plump up, push up, push out, expose and decorate every part of their body.  In our church, we are starting a ministry called "Generations", the end of February.  It is an outreach to young women, to help present the Gospel to them that will help bring inner dignity and beauty back to their souls.

I mentioned Cher earlier, and as a young teen I thought looking like her would just be "it"!  Did I care about her morals?  No!  Did I care about her religion?  No! No! No!    I did not know anything about her, and  had nothing to compare her to because I was untaught.  What are women being offered today?  It is time that we as Christians show that we can be attractive but not at the expense of dignity.
It is past time to pull back the devil's deceits and speak of the true meaning of love.  God is love.  He created us to love Him and to be loved. 

We need to see all the other forms of love under the microscope of God's love.  We need to "know" God's love as the litmus test of all other "loves".  God's love is first pure!  It isn't going to enslave you.  It isn't going to destroy you.  It isn't going to leave you hanging your head in shame or sick with some disease.  It isn't going to make you hopeless or helpless. 

God's love is a blessing to the emotions, a true friendship that sticks, and a guide that helps to protect us from smooth talking dudes! 

Loves me, loves me not???  Can't use that with God.  He LOVES you!