Monday, January 30, 2012

Let Go????

Our "selves" are so wrapped up in everything we do.
We connect with people, organizations, causes, family, careers, food, clothes, goodness...."we" are deeply rooted in many things.
Making a decision to change any area of our life is a major process because of the "ifs" involved.

It is hard to "let go" and trust God.
The reason is because we have trained our "selves" to trust our own understanding.
If we get a close parking space, someone smiles at us, we get a raise, a relationship works out,
etc., then it has to be because we are finally "doing" something right....right???

This year God has spoken a deeper challenge to my "self".
That challenge is to "stand" on Proverbs 3:5-9 in a stronger way, without flinching, without seeking for outward confirmation of its truth.  It's hard.
I want to "see", "feel", "touch", and "taste" some kind of assurance that what I am believing for will come to pass.   But, I also know that those fleshly assurances are not the product to true faith.

As I read and re-read E.W. Kenyon's book..."The Name of Jesus", I am slowly realizing how important it is that I continue to seek safety and security in something called the "unfailing promises of God".  He is training my senses to "rest" upon an invisible power called the Living Word.

2012 was defined to me as the year of "New Direction".
Now, I immediately thought of new things to do.
But, I am beginning to realize it is a new direction of trust and rest.

God IS able to do exceedingly, abundantly, above all I can dare ask or think.
All things are possible to them who "believe" His Word.
Nothing is impossible to them who "believe" His Name.
Believing is an action of the spirit.
It is a choice of the will.

It teaches how to look beyond what we know in the natural.
It calls us to reach out to the Supernatural Power of God, and to not be moved, because,
He knows how to get us where He wants us to go.

I have to "let go".
I have to turn from trying to figure out every step I take.
I have to "look" at His Word and "choose" to stay on that path.
The Holy Spirit helps us make these better choices.
It is the way of faith, of trust, of rest.

"Trust in the Lord with ALL your heart, and lean not on what YOU
understand (using your emotions or natural senses)."
Acknowledge God....address His Lordship over your life.....say that He is able
to make a way for you through every circumstance.
And then, like Moses, say...."Stand still and behold the salvation of God".