Friday, December 23, 2011

Son of God, Born of a Virgin, by Charlotte Fortier..12-23-2011

An angel came and spoke to her,
and told her wondrous things.
This woman, so young, who believed her God,
and accepted this heavenly being.
"Let it be done, as His Word says",
And she received it all in faith.
A Child, God's Word, was formed in flesh,
And given to Mary that day.

She journeyed far from kin and home,
Every mile entrusted to God.
Inside her womb, she carried His Word.
In her heart, she remembered her vow.

On a beast of burden and traveling by dark,
Her life full of danger and threat,
Mary went forward to bring to this world,
The One Who would conquer o'er death.

O, blessed little daughter, whose faith was a light,
Whose pure heart through the darkness did shine.
Millions have followed to that manger on earth,
To receive God's Gift, so divine.

Glory, glory, hallelujah,
Is the song our hearts do sing,
Son of God, born of a virgin,
Our Saviour, Our Lord, and our King!