Friday, December 2, 2011

Flakes "R" Us!!!

White Moutain living is always an adventure!!! Especially in the winter.  We awoke at 6AM to no electricity and 2 feet of snow.  Oh, the first snow is always beautiful to behold, but it is also dangerous.  Our little apple tree was broken in half, and some large limbs on a big cedar was also broken.  Our electricity has been off and on, so I hope I will be able to finish this post.
     I donned my "gear" this morning and shoveled the porch, down the sidewalk, around the car, and down to the street.  This was around 7:30AM.  It is now 1PM and the snow plow just cleared our street, but piled a huge mound at the end of the driveway I had cleaned off!!!
     Days like this are a lesson in how dependent we are on commodities.  When you can't cook, watch TV, get on the computer, listen to music; the mind has a hard time settling down to "quiet".
     The roads are clear now.  The electricity is thankfully back on for the moment, and neighbors are stirring.  This too shall pass.  Last year we were in a blizzard, and were virtually cut off from all outside communication.  That was spooky.
     Just heard Herb turn on the TV.  Life, for the moment, back to normal!  I think I'll go to Walmart!!!